“You can’t watch spn for Destiel” — oh, really?


One of many back-handed shaming comments I see about Destiel shippers is that it’s wrong to watch Supernatural for Destiel, Dean and Castiel’s romantic undercurrent story, which is built on, around, and interwoven with their strong friendship. Aside from that being, generally speaking, an inherently short-sighted and knee jerk view, on an spn-specifc level I have to say really…really?


Strap in, I’ve got some opinions about this and what “spn is about.”

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Post round-up

Sometimes I guest-blog at other sites. Here’s are some recent posts:

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My brother, the hero: Sam and Dean in Supernatural 9.13


In my post about Supernatural 9.12, I already discussed Sam’s issues and Dean’s issues and how they both do things that feed into the mess the brother relationship has become. So I won’t retread that. After 9.13, “The Purge,” all that is still in play and non-resolved, but Supernatural has taken another step towards repairing the brother bond, and moving it towards something less damaging.

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If You Want To Be Brothers: Sam and Dean in Supernatural 9.12


Supernatural 9.12, “Sharp Teeth,” was a solid, if somewhat unremarkable, MOTW episode involving a twist on the werewolf myth and the return of Dean and Sam’s hunter friend Garth. The bulk of the episode had Sam and Dean working together, reuniting because a friend was in trouble. It somewhat repetitively had Sam in peril, and Dean to the rescue, although Sam also took an active role in defeating the villains. The episode touched on some of the show’s important themes–that who you choose to be defines you, not what you are, family can be found in unexpected ways and different forms, and the possibility of second chances.

The last scene was a firecracker that advanced the brothers’ emotional arc and has caused a lot of debate among Supernatural fans. So, what happened there?

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Profound bonds and rebellious soldiers: shipping Dean and Castiel

One of the most enduring and appealing aspects of Supernatural is Castiel the (now fallen) angel, and the relationship between Dean Winchester and Castiel. The first three seasons of Supernatural already had me obsessed. Season 4 came around, and Castiel, and Dean and Castiel, blindsided me. Castiel’s arrival was shrouded in secrecy–at his audition, Misha Collins was even at first told he was reading for a demon, that’s how secretive it was. I’d heard no spoilers about angels arriving on Supernatural, or about Castiel.

I had no idea what I was getting into.

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The heroes are not alone: an appreciation of Supernatural’s supporting characters

Many factors go into the making of a TV show, from executive producers to writers, from actors to set designers. Details small and large come together to tell the story that winds up on our screens, and fans are also sharp-eyed, they’ll notice if something is off, and also respond to the beauty of a set or a sharp turn of phrase or how the lighting reflects the characters’ emotional states,  Likewise with the ingredients of the story, and while all shows have lead, or main characters, they are not the only ones who move the plot–or who move the audience to tears.

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Supernatural and different kinds of heroism

Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising cycle and the DCU Batfamily are two reference points I keep coming back to when thinking about Supernatural, in both the major themes and the relationships, so I decided to take a look at the Winchesters in light of the types of heroism shown in those other works.

“Sometimes…in this sort of war, it is not possible to pause, to smooth the way for one human being, because even that one small thing could mean an end to the world for all the rest.”

“It is a cold world you live in, bachgen. I do not think so far ahead, myself. I would take the one human being over all the principle, all the time.”

Will slumped down low in his seat, curling into a ball, pulling up his knees. “So would I,” he said sadly. “So would I, if I could. It would feel a lot better inside me. But it wouldn’t work.”

–The Grey King, by Susan Cooper

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