Are you a true fan?

If you’re a fan of anything, you need to read this.

The Daily Fandom


That’s it. That’s the debate. If you like the thing, you are a fan. And if you’re a real person who is a fan, then you’re a real fan. Quite logic, isn’t it?

Where does the “true fan” concept come from?

To be a fan of something means to love that thing and be actively dedicated to it. Of course, there are different levels and ways of being a fan depending on wether you’re more or less involved with the thing. I, for instance, enjoy American Horror Story but don’t consider myself a fan of it. I do consider myself a fan of Doctor Who and Supernatural. But there’s a difference, while I’ve watched all the episodes of New Who and know most of the names of the cast, I don’t know much about Old Who and I don’t read fanfiction of the show. However, I do love reading…

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