My brother, the hero: Sam and Dean in Supernatural 9.13


In my post about Supernatural 9.12, I already discussed Sam’s issues and Dean’s issues and how they both do things that feed into the mess the brother relationship has become. So I won’t retread that. After 9.13, “The Purge,” all that is still in play and non-resolved, but Supernatural has taken another step towards repairing the brother bond, and moving it towards something less damaging.

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If You Want To Be Brothers: Sam and Dean in Supernatural 9.12


Supernatural 9.12, “Sharp Teeth,” was a solid, if somewhat unremarkable, MOTW episode involving a twist on the werewolf myth and the return of Dean and Sam’s hunter friend Garth. The bulk of the episode had Sam and Dean working together, reuniting because a friend was in trouble. It somewhat repetitively had Sam in peril, and Dean to the rescue, although Sam also took an active role in defeating the villains. The episode touched on some of the show’s important themes–that who you choose to be defines you, not what you are, family can be found in unexpected ways and different forms, and the possibility of second chances.

The last scene was a firecracker that advanced the brothers’ emotional arc and has caused a lot of debate among Supernatural fans. So, what happened there?

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