“Keep your ship in fandom” — the pitfalls of ship-shaming

Stories have power, and representation in stories, whether it be gender, race, or sexual orientation, has an immensely positive effect on inspiring people, changing hearts and minds, and reflecting or even leading to change. Let’s talk about ship-shaming in relation to the question of LGBT rep.

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“You can’t watch spn for Destiel” — oh, really?


One of many back-handed shaming comments I see about Destiel shippers is that it’s wrong to watch Supernatural for Destiel, Dean and Castiel’s romantic undercurrent story, which is built on, around, and interwoven with their strong friendship. Aside from that being, generally speaking, an inherently short-sighted and knee jerk view, on an spn-specifc level I have to say really…really?


Strap in, I’ve got some opinions about this and what “spn is about.”

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The force re-awakens: an appreciation of current-era Lucasfilm

As Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, is being attacked today on twitter at the official Star Wars account on her birthday tweet no less, I thought I would share some thoughts how it was during Kathleen Kennedy’s leadership at Lucasfilm my intense love of Star Wars was re-awakened and increased and how the franchise has grown in wonderful ways.

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It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m posting something later today and plan to go back to using this blog more often.

In the meanwhile if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to, you can see my recent posts at The Geekiary here.

Are you a true fan?

If you’re a fan of anything, you need to read this.

The Daily Fandom


That’s it. That’s the debate. If you like the thing, you are a fan. And if you’re a real person who is a fan, then you’re a real fan. Quite logic, isn’t it?

Where does the “true fan” concept come from?

To be a fan of something means to love that thing and be actively dedicated to it. Of course, there are different levels and ways of being a fan depending on wether you’re more or less involved with the thing. I, for instance, enjoy American Horror Story but don’t consider myself a fan of it. I do consider myself a fan of Doctor Who and Supernatural. But there’s a difference, while I’ve watched all the episodes of New Who and know most of the names of the cast, I don’t know much about Old Who and I don’t read fanfiction of the show. However, I do love reading…

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My brother, the hero: Sam and Dean in Supernatural 9.13


In my post about Supernatural 9.12, I already discussed Sam’s issues and Dean’s issues and how they both do things that feed into the mess the brother relationship has become. So I won’t retread that. After 9.13, “The Purge,” all that is still in play and non-resolved, but Supernatural has taken another step towards repairing the brother bond, and moving it towards something less damaging.

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